Now Cloud experts in creating robust desktop apps with Win32 and WPF.


The main area of expertise for Sightsky Infotech as a business is the development of Windows desktop applications. We are able to span the entire cycle of desktop application development services required to address the most difficult problems for our customers thanks to our extensive technical skills, years of experience, and profound grasp of the desktop operating systems architecture.

Our Offerings

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

A multi-functional application development process is streamlined by WPF and made flexible and scalable. Moreover, it is a powerful tool for creating applications with stunning user interfaces. We at Sightsky Infotech assist you in creating specialised and business applications. Also, we can develop WPF components and performance improvement programmes for your current apps.

Win32 (Windows API)

Windows desktop apps benefit from the capability and performance of Win32 APIs. To make the application accessible and user-friendly for the end user, it is necessary to call for and incorporate the necessary services.