Concentrate on what's important for your business, and we'll handle the IT infrastructure.


Enjoy a new standard of frictionless connectivity across technological features, frictionless business activities, and quick access to authoritative sources when it counts. Our Technical Helpdesk, Managed Workplace, and Data Center Support services are all included in our Managed IT Services offering, which makes sure that your technical resources are installed optimally, thoroughly protected, and efficiently used. Elevate your company’s operational efficiency to a new level with Sightsky Infotech’s dependable support.

Our Offerings

Tech support desk

  • Provide expert-led assistance when it counts.
  • 24*7 Availability Helpdesk
  • Onshore & Offshore
  • Matrix of Tiered Escalation
  • Infrastructure Support and Monitoring
  • Handling of Critical Incidents and Accounts
  • Tech support desk

Data Center Support

  • Data Center Assistance
  • Unleash your data centre operations’ high-impact potential.
  • Helpdesk for Incident Management, Issue Management Services
  • Administration of servers, databases, networks, firewalls, and security

Managed Environment

  • Give your staff a smooth digital experience to increase productivity.
  • Complete network monitoring, Linux and Windows support, autonomous alerts, etc. are all features of the integrated network operation centre.
  • IT helpdesk services include one-click access, adaptive service level agreements, real-time intelligence, and technical, hardware, and compliance support.
  • IT facility management services include project change management, agile delivery options, and onsite and offsite services.

Why Choose Sightsky Infotech?

For small, medium, and big enterprises across industries looking to increase enterprise efficiency, our team has been the go-to partner. Using our extensive licence portfolio, we provide market-leading expertise in infrastructure management, technical support, and cybersecurity. Make your IT investments more effective with our:

24*7 Sightsky Infotech Monitoring Capabilities

Operational Intelligence over several years

Comprehensive knowledge of IT infrastructure management

Extensive Experience in Microsoft, Adobe, and Other Solutions

Access to Tested and Qualified Experts on Demand

A strategy that is flexible, customised, and solution-focused