Solutions for backup, retention, and retrieval to increase productivity


Data backup is about securing the future of your data. It’s not a matter of if you will lose your data, but rather How. Your systems run the danger of losing crucial business data in the case of a catastrophic catastrophe, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or one of the more frequent virus attacks or hard-drive crashes. When this occurs, you have two options: either you can grieve your loss or just use Sightsky Infotech backup services to restore your data.

In order to ensure its security, we keep your data in a data centre that is professionally maintained. As a result, it receives the necessary care and attention, including redundant disc arrays, temperature-controlled settings, backup power generators, and more. You don’t need to be afraid of nosy onlookers if you are. Before leaving your systems, your files are encrypted, and they remain encrypted on cloud services.

Our Offerings

Cloud Backup Solution

Take your documents to the cloud to enjoy the advantages of the newest storage options. Enjoy a flexible licence so you only pay for the services you really use. Secure your data, grow your storage needs, and have a knowledgeable IT team ready to answer all of your queries.


256-bit AES encryption

Our backup infrastructure complies with stringent corporate compliance standards, and all backup data is encrypted with AES 256 bits for military-grade security.


By removing redundant files or data sets from the backup set using intelligent deduplication, our backup service maximises storage and efficiency.

24/7/365 Technical Assistance

If you run into any technical problems, our support staff will make sure you get a prompt and pertinent response.

Select a storage option

Support for all widely used cloud storage classes and providers, including: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, OpenStack, different S3-compatible storage, Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier, and many others.

Standards-compliant and safe

Completely HIPAA & PCI compliant, maintaining information security.


Adaptable costs and licences

licence that is pay-as-you-go with a significant cumulative discount curve.