Services to assist data centres utilising our 224*7 NOC to provide operational effectiveness and guaranteed service availability.


You may obtain the most secure support you require for the efficient operation of your cloud and IT infrastructure when you use our specialised managed services for your data centre operations. We make sure your network is safe, that the appropriate operational tools are implemented, that your apps are reliable, that your staff are skilled, those workflows are efficient and much more. Enjoy the tranquilly you deserve and let us handle all the technical aspects of managing a data centre.

Our Offerings

Administration, Configuration, and Provisioning

To make sure your servers and databases are current and operating at their best, we regularly audit and review your infrastructure. We also reveal information about hardware constraints, configuration issues, and security gaps so you may improve productivity and customer service in more effective ways.

Remote Management


Server monitoring, auditing, and analysis, remote database management and administration, database monitoring, and technical support are just a few of the many remote management services we offer. For your assets, we offer all tiers of remote monitoring services.

Sightsky Infotech Methodology

Handling of Incidents

Easily handle unforeseen network or server downtime with the help of our qualified IT specialists. Our incident response procedures guarantee that your servers are quickly up and running.


Instead of just minimising issues, we proactively look for problems and resolve them even before they arise. This prevents network outages and fixes issues at the source.

Database Management

The database we use for SMEs fully manages the upkeep, supervision, and troubleshooting of your database, paving the way for a secure working environment in Sightsky Infotech.

Server Administration

We provide first-rate server support across all platforms, whether it be server maintenance or optimization.

Assistance Desk Services

Our support staff will give you customer service like never before. Sightsky Infotech has all of your questions answered and guided by dispute resolutions

Firewall And Network

For optimal performance and conflict resolution, our seasoned experts inspect and monitor network devices like routers, firewalls, and switches.

Benefits with Sightsky Infotech

Individualized Architecture

Our custom architecture support models that may simultaneously scale when necessary conveniently satisfy your specific data centre needs.

Increase Your Agility

You have a delivery model that is ideal to maintain continuous operation regardless of the size and needs of your firm.

Reduced Operating Costs

By working with us, you may lower all operating expenses related to managing data centre operations.

Compliance with Industry Standards

To make sure that our services are efficient and in line with your business objectives, we adhere to industry best practices and protocols.

Refuse to use more IT resources.

No more searching for devoted IT specialists, or developing and upgrading your present talent pool. We can put professionals at your disposal.

Network operation centres that are dispersed

To ensure that your issues are tracked down and quickly resolved, we have specialised Network Operation Centers located all over the world.

Top Technical Brains in the Business

The top technical minds in the field are on call for our team to address your problems. In order to facilitate flawless service delivery, we also have strong automation modules.