Mobile apps with a focus on people for a mobile-first world


Your application can reach a large audience thanks to iOS and Android. Nevertheless, creating a unique app for each OS might be costly. That is why Sightsky Infotech designs cross-platform apps that provide fantastic user experiences in line with your business goals by utilising our knowledge in AI, ML, Agile, and app development.

Our team of passionate developers, designers, and engineers has the tools, knowledge, and development techniques needed to produce cross-platform apps that are distinctive in all the right ways.


Our Offerings

Development of Native Apps

Our internal UI & app design team creates faultless apps to provide a seamless user experience. With technological complexity in browser- and location-based services, enterprise application integration, regular maintenance, and support services, we further enhance the value of each app. Our staff has you covered whether you want to release the app for an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows device.

Concept of Cross-Platform Apps

Apps that function consistently on Android, iOS, and Windows devices are developed by DEV IT. We use frameworks and languages like Flutter, React Native, Native Script, Angular, JavaScript, Vue.js, TypeScript, and others to build cross-platform apps. For wearable and web-based deployments, our teams have the know-how to extend AI capabilities across a variety of cross-platform apps.

Our Offerings

Machine learning and AI

  • Offline Functions
  • Built-in Billing Capability

Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities

  • QR and Barcode Scanners
  • Video and photo editing

Capabilities of augmented reality

  • Include Top Payment Gateways in the Integration
  • Integration of Google Maps

Multilingual user interface

  • Motion Sensing, Face Detection, and Fingerprint Scanning
  • Live Streaming Features

Conversion & Multi-Currency View

  • Voice-Based Search 
  • Integration with Camera API

Procedure for Mobile Application Development

Develop Research & Scope

We go through a thorough procedure with our team of analysts and researchers to determine the need, function, KPIs, goals, competitive environment, and strategic outlook for the app.


In order to accomplish your strategic goals and timetables without compromising performance requirements, our Technical Team ensures appropriate alignment with App Store and Google Play Store guidelines.

Development of User Interfaces

Our UI designers create the user interface with the aid of industry-leading tools, our proficiency with native programming interfaces, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc

Development of Mobile Apps

Every time, we use the scope to make sure that each capability, feature, and stage of development is carried out in a safe setting that complies with your company’s requirements.

Quality Control

Our devoted QA team thoroughly tests each app feature, functionality, and component over the course of several cycles to provide an app that is ready for distribution without bugs.


We have a team of committed business analysts, software engineers, and user interface (UI) developers who work together to provide a single prototyping blueprint.