Assisting businesses in implementing SRE straight away and developing best practises for SRE adoption.


SRE focuses on attaining high availability without spending excessive resources or staff time on the issue. SRE offers a number of concepts and techniques to achieve this, but in our experience, the majority of technology businesses lack one of the most crucial components: effective team communication.

Sightsky Infotech SRE consultants can fill in the gaps since they are able to communicate with both your DevOps / IT operations staff and software developers. They will also learn to communicate with their fellow product developers more effectively because adopting SRE changes infrastructure-related issues into software development queries. The SRE specialists at RisingStack can also assist you in maximising your current cloud provider by introducing you to fresh cloud services, cutting-edge cloud-native technologies, data services, and data.

Our Offerings

SRE and DevOps Advisory

  • To understand the present tools, automation, infrastructure, and observability of your system, our SRE experts will conduct assessments and collaborate closely with system administrators, build engineers, application architects, and development leads.
  • The consultants’ team works with you to develop a tool adoption plan that takes into account industry best practises and addresses your pain areas.
  • You can benchmark the SLO and SLI with the assistance of the SRE experts.
  • Create and put into effect erroneous budgets and budget policies.
  • The best SRE practises are taught to our engineers.

Deliver detailed, actionable reports to boost performance

  • Observability and Constant Watch
  • Problem-solving and Correction of the Problems
  • In order to manage on-call and emergency support while keeping operating runbooks, we assist you in setting up the procedure.
  • Solid Linux/Unix knowledge, as well as extensive troubleshooting experience.
  • Perform thorough investigations into manufacturing problems.

Security, good governance, and cost reduction

  • While operating on the public cloud, maintain compliance with regulations like the GDPR or PCI DDS.
  • Perform a security audit to find any gaps and close them to strengthen the security posture as a whole.
  • Reliable capacity forecasting (rightsizing).
  • Manage capacity with an emphasis on cost analysis, decreased costs, and cost management.

Deliver detailed, actionable reports to boost performance

  • The provisioning of resources for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure is automated by our team of knowledgeable consultants.
  • By implementing CI/CD, you may accelerate the creation and delivery of applications.
  • Your implementation of progressive delivery for cloud native applications is assisted by the SRE experts.
  • With a focus on configuration management, service discovery, deployment patterns, auto-scaling, and container operation, our team can assist you with multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and other container orchestration technologies.

Training for SRE Engineering Best PracticeS

  • By educating teams on SRE best practises, we assist you in creating independent teams.
  • We help the teams comprehend how SRE relates to DevOps and what advantages using SRE has for the company.
  • We will be producing training materials and contributing to the creation of a knowledge base for SRE procedures.

Observability and Continuous Monitoring

  • SRE professionals streamline the monitoring of cloud-based apps and services using observability and continuous monitoring.
  • Implement health checks for all of your application services and IT infrastructure.

Disaster recovery

  • Automate the defence of your containerized apps with cloud native disaster recovery that is tailored for Kubernetes.
  • Test the production environments’ robustness by designing chaotic tests.