Incorporating intelligent business applications with your teams, processes, and data


Get the competitive advantage that comes with operational intelligence and close client proximity. With the support of Sightsky Infotech’s tested, up-to-date, and certified knowledge, the Microsoft suite of ERP and CRM systems enable you to gain a micro-level understanding of your consumers and their interactions with your business. 

On the operational front, you can monitor, collaborate on, and optimise business processes using a collection of unified applications without adding more resources. The emergence of cross-functional efficiency is merely the start of a new era of ideal business procedures.

Our Offerings

Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • A Powerful ERP System with Functionality for Particular Industries
  • Procurement, project management, sales management, human capital management, manufacturing, SCM, BI, and capabilities
  • Integrates with a Suite of Microsoft Offerings and Has In-Building Dashboard and Reporting Tools for Improved Visibility

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Get Consumer Touchpoint Visibility Across Omnichannels
  • Maintain a record of customer interactions throughout timelines and escalations
  • Campaign Creation, Management, and Optimization
  • the incorporation of social media intelligence
  • Get expert-led advice
  • User training, migration, testing, and post-deployment support
  • Computer Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

  • Integrated Visibility and Optimization for Cross-Functional Systems
  • Budgeting, transactions, planning, and more in finance and operations
  • Sales: Opportunity Management, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and More
  • Obtain Information on Customer Interactions and Agent Performance in Customer Service
  • 365 Dynamics Understanding Customers: Recording, Predicting, and Using Consumer Behavior
  • Field Service: Control Remote Equipment and Enable Predictive Maintenance Project Service: Obtain Complete Project-Level Data on One Platform

Why Sightsky Infotech D365 Services ?

To help you choose, optimise, and implement Microsoft enterprise applications that will propel your company to the next level of development, Sightsky Infotech offers a team of trained and devoted specialists at your disposal.

100+ Business Apps in Different Sectors Throughout the Globe

75+ experienced experts who are certified

100% success rate in implementing projects

With the help of our flexible delivery strategy, TCO was reduced by 85%.