Proactive services and support to increase the performance, value, and availability of your cloud assets


Utilize the Sightsky Infotech team’s knowledge of cloud technologies, servers, networks, and databases to your advantage. With increased capacity, the team commits to working together to develop, maintain, and watch over cloud infrastructure for the quickest deployment and highest availability.

Get benefit of Managed Cloud Services’ 24*7 uninterrupted SLA-driven products supplied through a cutting-edge Network Operations Center (NOC). This service offers a customised answer to meet your company’s requirements.

Our Offerings

Sightsky Infotech provide multi-cloud services with SLA support through our customised managed cloud products. We support you throughout the lifecycle by aligning with your company objectives and at Sightsky Infotech, we deploy, manage, and migrate cloud architecture in a methodical manner. For holistic deployment methods, we offer four well-classified elements with preset SoPs.


The initial phase is where we evaluate your company’s readiness for the cloud. We carefully craft a cloud architecture that best utilises your present cloud assets and resources after fully comprehending your current and future goals and requirements.

  • Assessment/Gap Analysis
  • App Dependency Mapping
  • Architecture Designing
  • TCO Analysis
  • Architecture Audit
  • Change Management

Operations and Management

We offer streamlined cloud operations and management services, taking care of things like monitoring, application performance management (APM) and log analytics, integrated ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) features, change and issue resolution, and more.

  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Provisioning and Scaling
  • Systems, Network and Database Management
  • Deployment and Troubleshooting
  • Patching and Compliance
  • End-user Support

Migration Services

By carefully planning, deploying, and managing your new cloud infrastructure, we assist you in moving your existing cloud infrastructure to it.

  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • App Dependency Mapping
  • Architect Design
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • Build Proof of Concept


Backup & Disaster Recovery

With the help of our secure data backup services, the reliability and security of all your data are constantly upheld. We also have disaster recovery policies in place to ensure prompt response to breaches and recovery of important data because it is necessary for compliance reasons.

  • Snapshots
  • Short-term Backup
  • Long-term Backup
  • DR Planning And Drills
  • Automated Failover And Restore


  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Visualize
  • Prepare
  • Estimate

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Outline Risk
  • Performance Impact Analysis
  • Create DR Plan
  • Build Cloud Infrastructure
  • Test Plan/Repeat

Operations And Management

  • Event Triage and Health Monitor
  • Asset Tracking
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operational Reporting

Migration Services

  • Decommission
  • Sustain
  • Lift and Shift
  • Re-platform
  • Re-architect
  • Orchestrate
  • Deployments


Additional Skills

CCoE Expert Supported

CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) professionals are responsible for developing your cloud transformation and implementation strategy. They are your SMEs who are skilled at deploying, scaling, and optimising cloud resources and features.

Support for Account Management & Architecture

As we adhere to the best policy and process governance structures, robust architectural support is essential for effective cloud management. For all activities, we guarantee precise compliance and regulatory support.