Give your employees the tools and technology they need to operate securely from anywhere.


Companies need a solution that assures system integrity and security when employees are dispersed around the world working remotely, without sacrificing productivity. With solutions based on Microsoft Modern Workplace, Sightsky Infotech helps businesses maintain and boost staff productivity while assuring continuous employee connectivity.

With its anytime, anywhere office suite, Microsoft 365, a firm can significantly enhance. From setup through migration and training, everything is guaranteed by our Microsoft-certified specialists. We oversee the infrastructure of your contemporary workplace 365 days a year and offer end users round-the-clock service desk support.

Our Offerings

Organizational Transformation Management and Adoption

The need for organisational adjustments is urgent. Yet, the transformation process demands a holistically executed approach. Technology must be integrated with culture, business operations, and employee experience. In line with this philosophy, Sightsky Infotech professionals offer KPI-focused solutions to improve employee satisfaction and guarantee increasing productivity using the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Framework.


End-to-end migration services from Exchange to Microsoft 365 are promised by Sightsky Infotech. We offer a variety of services, such as analysing your current infrastructure, determining your future needs, developing strategic plans, careful implementation, providing real-time status updates, remediation, and more. We discuss every hybrid or data migration type. Our support engineers at Sightsky Infotech offer post-migration support 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of any escalations.

Cloud-Based, Secure Desktop

Within the remote work culture, which is supported by robust networking capabilities, we are experiencing unity in variety. There are requirements for working remotely, such as a unified, scalable, and sustainable work environment. Sightsky Infotech experts may expand the current infrastructure or create the necessary remote environment using virtualized desktops that offer stronger security, cost-optimization, and improved employee experience thanks to Windows Virtual Desktop Azure and Citrix.

Ongoing Assistance

We realise how crucial it is to have a single point of contact for the services offered, and the Sightsky Infotech Global Desk Service handles all of your problems. Our mission is to deliver high-impact solutions while reducing TCO, increasing productivity, and providing an agile support infrastructure. We do this without compromising on the security and service delivery aspects.

Our Approach

Boost Value

Utilization and end-user satisfaction can be used to track and gauge the Adoption Framework’s effectiveness. As you proceed, refine the plan to attain operational excellence.


Our Strategy Imagine

Inventory all workloads & Decide whether you are prepared before implementing the plan. Make sure you have the necessary staff and resources to apply the adoption framework. Establish business objectives that are consistent with your concept of success and the business strategy.


Strategy and Make sure your adoption plan is well-prepared and that it is launched successfully with a small number of stakeholders. Before launching the framework at scale, take note of their comments and make any adjustments.

Why should you choose Microsoft 365 with Sightsky Infotech?