Launch reliable, quick, and platform-neutral business apps


The future belongs to mobile cloud apps. Mobile cloud apps are here to rewrite conventions regarding the development, deployment, and functionality of mobile applications and to provide users with a consistent experience across a variety of platforms and device form factors.

Cloud-based mobile apps are created once by Now Cloud and distributed to iOS, Android, and other platforms. They are more convenient and preferable because they don’t require downloading into customers’ devices. With so many advantages, your company is in a great position to increase customer acquisition and gain market dominance in specific niches.

Our Offerings

Single-Page Scripts

Single page applications are created for flexibility and speed since they are dynamic and efficient in terms of performance and load distribution. They enable consumers to accomplish more in less time, resulting in an ideal user experience.


Advanced Web Apps

Progressive web applications are the ideal choice for those of you who want to offer your consumers a native app-like experience with the least amount of technical hassle and expense possible. To bridge the gap between using both, they combine the appearance of a native app and the capabilities of a streamlined website. PWAs are incredibly fast, stable, and smooth.

Mobile App Benefits

Faster Time To Market

PWAs take less time to develop than their native equivalents. PWAs may also be launched across platforms after just needing to be coded once, which reduces the amount of time it takes to launch and increases your competitive advantage.


You only work with one team of PWA developers rather than two separate teams for iOS and Android development. This lowers the cost of developing your software.

No Device Memory Constraints

On users’ devices, native apps take up a lot of room. Storage capacity decreases as there are more apps. PWAs, however, are not constrained in this way. Storage space is never an issue because consumers access them via browsers.